The Heartbeat of West Side

From the first few services, we began to see that God was doing something BIG! We experienced growth in those early months that rivaled what we had only heard of in churches in large cities. We thought the growth would stop, or at least slow down… but we were wrong. As West Side has continued to grow numerically, it has been our commitment to grow spiritually as well… but that is easier said than done.

A typical weekend service at West Side consists of seekers (those looking for answers), first timers (those who have never attended church before) and many transients (those from other churches). Many of these who attend our services are skeptical, reserved and cautious about everything. As we reach out to these people we have to be confident that God is the answer to all of their questions… and We Are! It is critical that we treat everyone as special at West Side – from the senior pastor who greets you at the front door, to the hospitality team who serves you a hot cup of coffee, to the children’s ministry volunteer who serves your kids, to the person who worships beside you in the worship center. Through each moment of your experience at West Side, we pray you will begin to discover why so many people have said “it feels like home to me.” Every aspect of your experience is crucial to the effectiveness of coming into contact with a God who finds you irresistible and irreplaceable.

The Vision of West Side

Is to know Christ more and to make Christ known.

The Mission of West Side

Is to make disciples of Jesus Christ that develop more disciples.

The Core Values of West Side

From the very beginning, God placed in our hearts the clear call to follow some basic principles that would make West Side unique. These principles are not unique because no one else does them, they are unique because no one else does them like we do.

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A Safe Place to Discover God

A Church that Cares about their Community

A Freedom to Complete the Mission, Passion and Vision of Christ

Our Call as Disciples of Christ is Clear

A Pastoral Staff Led Church

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